stinkyox (stinkygoat) wrote,

giraffe testicles

Giraffe nads! What an excellent way to begin a new entry }:-).

Before the giraffe nads were on short, uninteresting tethers close to his body; toda I wanted to make them look nicer so I put them on nice long mass-spring chains that trail around behind the giraffe as you play. Here the giraffe has just collected a new powerup and so has been awarded an extra nad (hence the >> NAD GET! << text you can just about see in this pic) to go with the three he already has.

(Of course in the final game they will just be innocuous "powerup pods" but no reason we can't have a bit of fun during dev, now, is there }:-)).

Although in this frame the level looks a little murky, you can plainly see the giraffe and his three trailing nads.

Firing from his left hoof, the giraffe hammers down an ox-eye daisy stalk. You can see his two nads wafting in the space breeze below.

Getting the bull bonus with the multiplier maxed out at x9 gets you the RINSIN' bonus.

Absolutely well chuffed with how it's all starting to go together now. The giraffe looks nice, the levels look nice, it plays coherently, there's lots of scope for hunting for bonuses and maxing out your score on the levels. Everything's going very well }:-).
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