stinkyox (stinkygoat) wrote,

home stretch

Been pretty busy defining and balancing the gameplay for all the levels of GR+++, all done now. Still need to do VLM stacks for shader 2.0 fallback, finish off some bits of UI, final testing and tweaking. Pretty pleased with how it's come out; it has a distinctive graphical style all its own and the control method and play mechanic emphasise the fact that it is most definitely not "just another arena shooter", a genre that's been a bit overdone these days.

The Cylons may have had Resurrection but Galactica has the mighty Sheepie Save.

Liberator attacks a projectile-spewing Sun.

Galactica's strong guns completely shred an incoming line of attackers.


Enterprise over Planet Squaresheep.

Atari bee gettin' busy.

Dropship attacks Gilby.

Liberator fronting a line of incoming prior to getting some sheepie lovin'.

Do not fuck with Liberator or you will be turned into particle disks.

Yep, got me.


You may have lightning stars and grav projectiles but I am the mighty GALACTICA, Best Ship in the Fleet, and I am going to fuck your shit right up.

The text at the mottom of the screen is just a test of the hint system, it'll be absent from all but the earliest levels and it will of course even there be optional.

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