stinkyox (stinkygoat) wrote,

restoration of the ur-vic

This is the ur-Vic in its Welsh expansion unit. This Vic is basically the origin of Llamasoft. The games that began Llamasoft were coded upon this actual Vic.

As part of an ongoing project we are restoring to life some of the many historical systems we have lying around here. The ur-Vic has been pretty much the best behaved so far, rousing from a 25-year-odd slumber without much fuss.

The only thing wrong with it was some hesitancy of key function, which we were sure was due to nothing more than some crufty key contacts.

The top came off and the Vic was pretty clean inside. This Vic dates from before I even started to smoke.

That brown panel at the top contains the keyboard matrix. This was removed and lightly cleaned.

After cleaning the keys work fine again. The ur-Vic is fully functional!

The display looks fine on my old Sony CRT telly thanks to the new composite cable that Giles lashed up.

Now we just have to find some Vic-20 cartridges. I am sure I've a Gridrunner cartridge around here somewhere that someone gave me a while ago }:-).
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