stinkyox (stinkygoat) wrote,

stage one

It's going reasonably well so far as far as we can tell. Coming up on 10k users which is reasonably good i think at less than two weeks.

We are going to release a small patch to fix a couple of minor issues that have come to our attention since launch. Coding for that was over in 5 minutes, now of course we must deal with the weeks of bureaucracy that releasing the fix entails. ("We will now spend two weeks checking for things we already checked for despite the fact that your update changes nothing of what was being checked for").

(I think if I had anything significant to say about the whole process it's that it's this massive, spirit-crushing inertia in everything that causes the pain).

I do need some complete disconnect time. We both do. Just to be away from in front of the machines, and beholden to nobody.

I've not even been enjoying going to Yakyak recently, there are some people there who just seem to want to nip you in the ankles and yammer on about trivial stuff no matter what you've just been through...

agh, I am just so tired of it all. I am fiercely proud of what we've done, and yes, I'll be ready to kick in the bollocks anyone who tries to claim that we've been lax or careless in our creation. What we've done was done with only a good and honest intent to make something that people would enjoy. And despite all I think we've done that. The fact that those who like it *really* like it so much makes it all worthwhile; we did something special here.

But now it needs to end for a while.
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